CyberNextDC 2021 has ended
CyberNextDC is one of the leading cybersecurity policy conferences in DC. This year’s event will be hybrid, with limited in-person attendance and remote participation via Zoom. The event will focus on the evolution of ransomware, successful information sharing models, and global policy trends and developments in the cybersecurity ecosystem. Our participants will provide insights into long-standing cybersecurity issues along with practical recommendations for cybersecurity policy on topics such as ransomware, information sharing, public-private collaboration, and equity and inclusion in the cybersecurity workforce. Speakers include high-level government policymakers, Coalition and Alliance member representatives, and foreign government officials. We hope you can join us!

If you forgot to register, you can stream the event here!

Webinar Platform 

We will use the Zoom Webinar platform to host the virtual attendees of CyberNextDC 2021. Links to the webinar will be sent to registered attendees two days in advance of the event and will be made available through the schedule on the day of the event 

Participate and Engage
Both the Chat and Q&A will be enabled during the webinar and each serve a distinct purpose.
  • Chat - For interaction with attendees for discussions related to the session. The panelists and moderator will not be expected to monitor the chat during the Q&A period. However, if you have questions about the conference in general, including logistics and technical questions, this is a good place to ask.
  • Q&A - For asking questions to the panelists. You may ask your questions as they arise. This will help us streamline the Q&A portion of the session.
CyberNextDC 2021 will be recorded and recordings will be published online.

Questions or Issues

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at cybernextdc@cybersecuritycoalition.org

Code of Conduct

The mission of the Cybersecurity Coalition is to bring together leading companies to help policymakers develop consensus-driven policy solutions that:

  • Promote a vibrant and robust cybersecurity ecosystem;

  • Support the development and adoption of cybersecurity innovations; and

  • Encourage organizations of all sizes to take steps to improve their cybersecurity.

CTA’s Mission is to improve the overall cybersecurity of the global digital ecosystem.  We enable our members to share high-quality cyber threat information at both human and machine speed; distribute critical defensive information and threat reports; and work in a trusted community.  We don’t just talk about threat intelligence sharing – we do it every day. We seek to:

  • Protect End-Users : Members use our automated platform to share curated and actionable threat intelligence that can be deployed to their customers in near-real time.  Members can also provide each other early warning about research findings, enabling more effective defensive actions against malicious actors.

  • Disrupt Malicious Actors: CTA and its members create outputs, collaborate on actions, and respond to cyber incidents to  reduce the overall effectiveness of malicious actors’ tools and infrastructure.

  • Elevate Overall Security: CTA shares content, establishes partnerships, and promotes policies that enhance the overall security and resilience of the digital ecosystem.

CyberNext DC plays an important role in the pursuit of this mission, which is most effective when everyone contributes to an environment that fosters civil participation in critical discussions and the exchange of ideas to improve cybersecurity. Behavior that threatens this dialogue may lead to restrictions on your ability to interact with attendees and panelists, including removal from the webinar. If you have an experience that you would like to report, in which the spirit of the Code of Conduct was breached, please contact .

All participants, including speakers, are expected to:

  • Treat all CyberNextDC participants equally, irrespective of nationality, gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age, or sexual orientation; 

  • Focus discussion or remarks on issues rather than on the individuals you are interacting with; refrain from ad hominem attacks;

  • Listen and respect the views of all participants of CyberNext DC; 

  • Facilitate transparency and openness. We will not allow anonymous participation in the conference webinar. If you want to observe anonymously for any reason, you can watch via the Livestream. 

  • Act in good faith with other participants in the discussion processes.

  • Refrain from disrupting the conference (e.g., “zoom-bombing”) or engaging in harmful behavior or threats of harm of any kind. 

  • Adhere to the terms of service of any platforms used to facilitate the virtual conference. 

All participants are expected to adhere to these standards of behavior; failure to do so may result in your removal from the conference.